Small Adventures Rally FAQ’s

What is a Banger Rally? Firstly what it’s not is a race! A rally is ‘a gathering of people for a common purpose’, in this case the common purpose is driving their chosen cheap chariots along a route to the pre-arranged meeting locations at the end of the day.

What do we do each day? Well driving plays a large part of it obviously but it’s not just a long drive! We allow plenty of time to stop off and take in the breath taking scenery and to sample some of the areas we travel through. We have a set of daily challenges for you and a stop off at some famous attractions. Each evening we will have a get together at our chosen destination to unwind from the day and experience a new place along with the obvious tales of the day being heard!

Where do we go? Our routes differ but each will take you through amazing European towns and cities, taking in one or two world famous landmarks with a stop off each evening somewhere different, finishing in a big party at our last destination to congratulate everyone for making it to the end.

Do we need a car before we register? No. Buying your car is part of the adventure! Don’t leave it too late because you need the documentation from DVLA if you need to tax your car but the closer to the event itself, the more chance you have of picking up a car with enough tax and MOT to finish the rally.

Where do I buy my banger? Ebay is always a good starting point but there are many other places to pick up a bargain. Used car garages often take in old part exchanges they don’t want on their forecourt that they will sell or local mechanics often know of bargains that need a little work.

What car can I bring? Anything as long as it will fit on the ferry and you have a licence to drive it! Do think sensibly though about your chosen route. As fun as it is to see some type of cars on the rally, if you’re going on mountain roads like the Stelvio Pass, speaking from bitter personal experience and a poor vehicle choice, pick something that will get up them!

Can I bring my own car instead of a banger? Yes you can! The trip is about having fun not forcing you through an ordeal in a clapped out car. Nearly every banger you pick up would make it to the end but we understand it can be a daunting prospect for many people. The key is keeping in the spirit of the rally. You can always make up for it with fancy dress or raising money for charity, if you want to discuss it drop us a line or just register!

Do we need to decorate our car or dress up? No you don’t but most do and it’s always fun.

How do we decorate our car? It can be as simple or as complicated as you like just make sure it’s still legal to drive! Be imaginative but don’t worry too much, just break out the paint and get going!

Do we have to bring our banger back? No. Most participants scrap their car at the destination and fly home. We try to get a local scrap dealer to attend our final destination when the rally is over but it’s not always possible so we supply contact details for the local scrap dealers as well. Cars can often be sold in local pubs or traded for rounds of drinks to those wishing to drive back, or give your car to a deserving local as we did. We gave our banger to a local waitress who is happily still driving it around Prague! Make sure you look after your documents as you will need them when you get rid of your car.

Will there be any mechanical support along the way in case of a break down? No sadly not but we will endevour to find spaces in other teams cars should you suffer a terminal breakdown and you are sure to get other teams stop to offer assistance. We will be taking 2 cars ourselves, one going along the route each day at the very end where we can stop and offer limited assistance, mostly in the form of motivational speeches but we will always do our best to organise getting everyone to the finishing line, that’s what it’s all about!

Can you get break down cover? Yes, try a few companies for competitive quotes but many places offer European break down cover with the costs based on type and age of vehicle.

I’m worried about breaking down? It’s a possibility! Other members of the rally will stop to help, we check who’s missing at the end of each day at the finishing line and we drive the route the very last each day so unless you’ve taken a different route, someone will come across you. If you’re still worried we may be able to pair you up with another car in a ‘buddy’ system but contact us first.

What about insurance? We will give you links to companies that offer specific short term banger rally insurance.

How long does the rally last? Each route is slightly different but usually it’s 4 days for the event itself with a day before to get to the start line and launch party and a day at the end to get rid of your car and fly home. You can always add a few more days after the rally to explore more of Europe or our finishing destination.

What should we take with us? Try to travel light, if you have to hitch a lift with another rally member it’s easier with less luggage!

What do we need to bring? A sense of adventure! A mobile telephone is a must but we recommend a digital camera to capture the special moments of the event. A sense of humour will be also be a vital piece of equipment to get you through your rally. Any country specific items you are required to carry will be mentioned in your rally handbook we send you.

Do we have to raise money for charity? We love raising money for charity and we welcome those who do but don’t worry if you’re not, it’s all about having fun! Anyone who is raising money for charity get in touch and we can see what we can do to help you raise more.

Do we have daily challenges? Yes, they aren’t compulsory but they are a lot of fun and prizes will be awarded at the end based on the results.

Will I need a Visa to enter the countries on the rally? EU passport holders should NOT require any visas but please check before you leave if you’re unsure.

Is there an age limit? Sadly there are no under 18’s allowed.

Can I add team members? Yes you can add team members any time up to 1 week prior to the event.

What if I can’t take part after all? If you refund us within 14 days we will refund your money but after this we can accept team member changes at any point up to 1 week prior to the event.