Costs and Sign Up

How much does it cost

For 2015 the Rally is 100% free to enter

Really it can cost as much or as little as you want it to, it’s entirely up to you and depends completely how you wish to spend your time. There are however some basic costs that you will need to factor in.

Entry –  The most important other than the car! For 2015 only entry to the Rally is 100% free of charge. If you want to donate to the cost of organisation or you want the rally T-Shirts, car decals and a few more assorted items we’d ask for a donation of £50 per car for a team up to 4 people.

Car – If you’re bringing a banger the upper limit is £250 although we aren’t going to inspect purchase invoices and have your car valued. You can use the cheapest car you wish, in fact we encourage it but bring whatever you want, it’s about the journey more than the vehicle.

Return Journey – Exactly what it says on the tin. Don’t forget to work out how you are returning, cheap flights are available if you are scrapping/selling/giving away your banger or the return journey is somewhat less distance if you choose to drive.

Insurance – Your car has to be insured, for European cover and for anyone wishing to drive it. Remember that it is not a race, as such you are not competing in a motor sport event which is usually an exclusion from standard insurance policies. You will have to notify the insurance company if you wish to take your banger on the Nurburgring as you will need adequate insurance for this.

Travel Insurance – Completely up to you

European Breakdown Cover – Again up to you

Ferry/Channel Tunnel – We are an island nation after all and if you intend to get from England to Europe to take part without getting very wet or doing some serious modifications to your car you will need one of these.

Fuel – Your fuel is dependant on what vehicle you take and how you drive it but the route itself is approximately 1000 miles so you can work out an approximate figure yourself.

Accomodation – We stay at locations that have everything from camp sites to 5 star hotels with everything in between. The details of where we are staying and any discounted accommodation we have managed to negotiate will be supplied once you sign up but it is up to you how much or little you spend!

Food and Drink – Again completely up to you and your tastes. Five star dining, roadside cafe’s and everything inbetween will be in abundance.

Road Tolls – We try to stay way from Toll Roads wherever we can but in some circumstances it’s just not possible. Czech Republic and Austria require a Motorway Vignette which is approx £10 each dependant on exchange rate and Switzerland also requires this which is £27 dependant on exchange rate. While we avoid Swiss motorways on our route specifically for this reason the fines are quite high if you wonder onto one by accident.

Modification and Costumes – You will be sent out your Rally Pack which includes your number and Rally Logos, everything else is up to you like most things on this event, go as far as you like but you can’t often go too far wrong with a roller and some cheap paint. Charity shops will give you a wealth of costumes for your chosen theme- if you get stuck for ideas just ask and we can point you in the right direction.

Sign Up

Once you have completed the below sign up you will be directed to our payment page to finish registration for The Small Adventures Rally and confirm your place. Places are limited and until you have completed your registration and payment your place can’t be guaranteed.

Remember you can add team members any time up to 1 week prior to the event but if you add or change a team member with less than 1 month to go before the event they may not be included in some items of the Rally pack.

If you find you can’t take part after all and inform us within 14 days of registering we will refund your money in but after this we can accept team member changes at any point up to 1 week prior to the event so you can make arrangements for others to take you place.


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