The Road of Bones 2016

Yes it does say 2015 and yes, that does feel like a lifetime away!

Not exactly a small adventure we know but Phil has been considering a trip to travel from London to Magadan in far eastern Russia for some time on his motorbike and he may have just convinced the rest of us to join in a much more comfortable 4×4!

With the lack of maintenance and harsh winters the ‘Road of Bones’ built by Joseph Stalin’s Gulag prisoners, as we know it will soon fall into memory. The road and bridges continue to deteriorate so this famous ‘adventure trail’ will soon become a thing of the past, why not be part of that history and complete it?

Apart from a once in a lifetime trip down one of the most famous roads in the world we will also visit the coldest inhabited place on earth (not at the coldest time of year though!), a Russian ghost town called Kadychan and old Gulag sites so you can understand and be part of this remote area’s history.

We would be looking at limited spaces on this trip for obvious reasons with a mix of both 4×4’s and motorbikes depending on what floats your boat. With a support 4×4 vehicle, Russian speakers, a professional photographer and filming equipment also joining us we should have all the bases covered for an epic adventure of a lifetime.

More details to follow so watch this space!



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  1. Mike Shooter
    Mike Shooter / 3-22-2013 / ·

    This sound fantastic I’m definitely interested. When in 2014 are you planning on going?

  2. Mike Shooter
    Mike Shooter / 4-12-2013 / ·

    I would be looking to do the journey in an old 4×4, the route from London to Magadan would be a testing challenge & that is what I would be doing the journey for, ‘the challenge’.

  3. Mike Shooter
    Mike Shooter / 4-15-2013 / ·

    I was thinking of something along the same lines since you seem to be able to pick one up cheaply enough, but I would consider something bigger if you needed something act as a support vehicle for the bikes.

  4. Tristan shore
    Tristan shore / 11-3-2013 / ·


    If the journey is possible towards the end of October then I can get a few guys in 2 4×4’s.
    Due to work constraints July/August is not possible for any of us.

    I am also interested to know more re the Vegas trip too.

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