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    The Czech Convention Car Rally
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The Czech Convention

6th-9th August

Ever fancied a ‘Top Gear’ style road trip across Europe? The ‘Czech Convention’ is a road trip taking in some of Europe’s best driving roads and events for an experience like no other. Take any vehicle you want, it’s a fun weekend away not a chore after all with a category dedicated to ‘bangers’;  ideally no more than £250 purchase price and let your imagination go wild!

We aim to give you a trip of a lifetime in stunning locations and without costing a fortune. We will take all the hard work out of preparing for your rally by helping you organise as much as possible, all you need to bring is your chosen chariot and your sense of adventure! Unlike other rallies we do our utmost to keep all the teams together for the majority of the trip and the daily driving time down, so your rally is more than just crunching the miles with the occasional sighting of another team.

With evening events at the finishing lines and a finishing party with award ceremony, there’s plenty of opportunity to get together with the other teams to both discuss and laugh at the day’s events with your fellow competitors choices and rejoice at having made it all the way to the end. We make this more than just a drive across Europe, it’s an event taking in everything a long weekend away should, stunning scenery, amazing experiences, good company with laughs aplenty and a sense of achievement you will never forget.

So go on, do something a bit different and register for the best long weekend of the year.